The Oatmeal Quit Social Media

I recently came across this article and comic by the OatMeal. A long running web comic artist, draws a comic on how to reach people on the internet today 2021. He laments over the change we see in the internet, everyone goes to a few large websites and rarely see other small ones. You have to pay a lot to get views on your post or boost as they call it. See his post on this what it used to be. I feel with the upcoming VR and Metaverses there will be an even more pervasive closed walled ecosystem and … Continue reading The Oatmeal Quit Social Media

Don’t be a Dabbler – Aim for mastery

I am guilty of this. One problem with many creatives is we crave the new but this can be detrimental to getting things shipped. I was recently am tempted to try Blender and Switching around my content marketing game plan. Trying new engines. Or working with new workflows. But at the end of the dabbling I shipped nothing. Go down one door. There is a process to reaching mastery. And it takes time playing the long game just sticking to one focus. This guys articulates what I feel. I think many times we want to quit when we hit that … Continue reading Don’t be a Dabbler – Aim for mastery

Creator Economy and Leverage

The creator Economy I Came across this short video by Eric Siu on the Creator Economy. Which led me into looking at the creator economy and later startups essays by Naval. One thing that stood out to me was the 4 ideas on Leverage shared by Naval, that contribute to the new creator economy. CODE CAPITAL LABOUR MEDIA Code is the software or hardware engineering Capital is money resources Labour is what you can get skills from others to build the code Media is the branding or communications of your offering Everyone in this new age can make something or … Continue reading Creator Economy and Leverage