New Mischief Alternative

If you are looking for a Zoom Infinite canvas similar to Mischief (Which has been discontinued), there are several other options some free and paid for Desktop and Mobile if you like the Zoom Infintite canvas kind of working. Milton Paint This one seems a lot similar to Mischief as it has infinite zoom canvas. Not much changed since, as its developed by a single person. They accept donations as its free and open source. Leonardo This one does not have infinite Zoom but Infinite canvas I put it here cause the name and the tech sounds cool … Continue reading New Mischief Alternative

Moments of Life Product Review

I Started doing a short product review on the Moments of Life App, to see if I can design something new around it. Note: This app was launched sometime in 2018 for parents with young babies. As a parent myself I thought I would take a look to see what this app had to offer. But some things may have changed at the time of writing. Onboarding screens I really like there is the option to not login using SingPass. I like were the app asked appropriate questions. Limited to 4 Pages it was very quick to ask me my … Continue reading Moments of Life Product Review

Design in Tech 2018 – Become a Hybrid

If you are doing UX you will have come across this Design in Tech report by John Maeda. Last year 2017 report key points: Classical design vs Computation Design (Which is where design is heading. Design is no longer about Beauty but market relevance. At top business schools, design thinking is moving into the curriculum β€” driven by market demand. Design tool companies and design community platforms occupy new positions of value for tech. You can read more about it here on Linkedin and see a cool info-graphic summary on Visual Capitalist. Computational Design: The Future of How We Make … Continue reading Design in Tech 2018 – Become a Hybrid

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Master

Painting with Fire Some cool videos of the master Frank Frazetta, one of the most accomplished fantasy painter of sexy babes. I only came to know about this artist in recent years but his famous Death Adder and various fantasy pieces of sexy babes and strong muscle men killing orcs and demons. He also did various covers for books and magazines which I saw as a child somewhere. One thing I come to appreciate is his use of storytelling in a single image. You know in 3 seconds what is going on and what to expect next. Continue reading Frank Frazetta Fantasy Master