A Photoshop Rendering Tutorial Step – JoJaow

A step by step rendering tutorial by JoJaow. Continue reading A Photoshop Rendering Tutorial Step – JoJaow

5 Best Art of books from Jake Parker

via (8) The 5 Best “Art Of” Books – YouTube A great review of books to gather from Jake Parker. The Art of Pixar: http://amzn.to/2rnICMo The Art of Masters of the Universe: http://amzn.to/2ti95HC The Art of the Croods: http://amzn.to/2sxVWgD The Art of Zootopia: http://amzn.to/2rXpTG1 The Art of District 9: http://amzn.to/2sYAxuz Continue reading 5 Best Art of books from Jake Parker


Realtime messaging pictures and video. I decided to check out snapchat a real time photo messaging app that has been gaining loads of traction thanks to articles like this. Curious to see how they get users onto their app. The Login screen has clear call to action buttons. So after a sign up page, next is the adding of contacts, snapchat being a social platform it wants to help users create an audience so that users will keep generating content. After contacts are added Snapchat makes sure users get to know how its app works. So before we can take photos … Continue reading Snapchat

Good Design Mondaine Clock

Mondaine Clock. The swiss Railway clock that tells time. Elements I like: The proportions of the minutes are clearly divided. the bold markings of the major minutes 5,10,15 etc. are clearly indicated Good contrast between the hours, minutes and second hands. This helps the user to clearly see what time it is exactly. elements I wished were there The clock could have used numerals to indicate the major minutes but I think since this was for railways it would need to be internationalized so that anyone in the world can understand what time it is just by looking at it. … Continue reading Good Design Mondaine Clock


The easiest relationship database management system you can learn quickly. For the longest time my usage of database systems have been limited to simple excel sheets. For more complicated operations you would need Microsoft Access or MySQL. Learning a new programming query language may terrify some. I recently came across a relatively easy to understand database management system named Airtable. Things I loved: I loved how after signing up you are greeted with an interactive tutorial on how Airtable works. The App tries to teach you how to make a simple database through interactive tutorials. Airtable makes sure you understand … Continue reading Airtable

Fire Truck Command

I started to remake another version of my old fire trucks design this time its a Fire Command Vehicle. Background for this is that it goes together with the previous fire truck which provides information of the surrounding area to the other dispatch trucks. I wanted something big to show the Heavy Industrial presence after seeing many CAT Heavy tractors and Machine vehicles along the way to work. Here is the process I took using sketchup as a base model. Continue reading Fire Truck Command