John Romero – NoClip

I discovered a new games channel called NoClip it seems to be one of the better gaming channels documenting and interviewing creators. The creator formerly from Gamespot, talked about how game journalism shows was cheap and tacky, plus the ad model is crashing causing bias towards the media created. His reason to make it is here, he wants something different from the usual Big Media Journalism

It takes a really long time to get Good. John took 8 Years of learning how to program before getting hired at Origin.

He started really young and kept going.

OtherĀ great talk from GDC about ID Software history.




Game Development Lectures by Warren Spector

This has got to be a good set of lectures by Warren Spector and his guest lecturers on game design and the business of publishing.

Though the content may be dated cira 2007 it has good take-aways about what games are and the medium potential.