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Horizon Zero dawn behind the scenes

This may have been from PlayStation Marketing series of the game.

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The Sinking City

  I found this Trailer by chance through Unit Image CGI work. Have never heard of the company Frogware but it sure looks cool and scary. It is a game based around Lovecraft Horror style and features supernatural elements and investigation gameplay. I am looking forward to give this a try and also experiment with […]

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John Romero – NoClip

I discovered a new games channel called NoClip it seems to be one of the better gaming channels documenting and interviewing creators. The creator formerly from Gamespot, talked about how game journalism shows was cheap and tacky, plus the ad model is crashing causing bias towards the media created. His reason to make it is […]

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Unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine goes Subscription base

I just read on my twitter feed that Unreal Engine 4 now has gone subscription based for $19 a month you can get the full version of the software and start making games. It will take a cut of 5% from your game revenue if you ship a game. “Anyone can ship a commercial product […]