Metaverse and Creators

Came across this post and it summarized the creators economy and its future with the Metaverse. Whatever that will be. View at Got to be a positive thing when future tech gets on boarded with new creators. Once there is a tech that is easily used by many more creativity will abound. I think the metaverse is still infant and yet to be defined. It could be interfaces with AR VR crypto but not sure how these will collide but it will change current games and media. I believe there will be even more participation in the future. Continue reading Metaverse and Creators

Brendan Greene – Father of PUBG and Battle Royale

Some contents on Brenda Greene the creator of PUBG. Some things I takeaways have about how he created PUBG, start making mods or use in game tools like core or Roblox to make your games Learn to do it yourself code make mods or small parts of the idea Work with others to help them, he worked with streamers to help them Find leverage he used the mod to make a proof of concept of what Battle Royale would look like. Make something different most comepetive games before PUBG was similar. You cam make something new by remixing; survival with … Continue reading Brendan Greene – Father of PUBG and Battle Royale