E3 2017 Trailers Part 01

Some cool stuff from Microsoft Conference, Sony Conference from This year E3. Lots of multiplatform titles that you can get and looking forward to some old franchises and new Ones.

Anthem: Glad there is more gameplay shown and some interviews.

Devil May Cry 5. Nero is back finally a true Sequel to Dveil May Cry 4.

Kingdom Hearts 3


Halo Infinite

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Platinum Games Babylon Fall

Death Stranding: Really cool to see the graphics running real time and its very realistic for human CG characters.



Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch.

Some cool Indie Games:

Sable by shedworks games announced in 2017.


Ashen for Xbox by Aurora 44


Kojima Productions Logo Design process

Check out this short clip from San Diego Comic Com 2016 where Kojima Production gave a short talk about how they went through creating the Ludens logo when he just started the company with four persons.

Full Comic con talk

Atlus Project RE Fantasy

Just discovered Atlus is making a foray into fantasy RPG I like that they want to approach it not taking a template from D&D and Record of Lodess War.

I think having the team from persona 5 may infuse something new rather than the standard fantasy RPG game tropes we see currently now.

There is some cool art on the site http://rpg.jp/

Drawing of lineart of the game character.