Facebook Meta – Links to an Aspirational Vision

Facebook is changing to Meta Links to the video and tldr Continue reading Facebook Meta – Links to an Aspirational Vision

NFT the Hype and potential for creator

NFT Hype By the time this os published NFT will have moved on in value or not. I really do think there is potential. NFT are a dangerous trap in the Short Term. The Bubble is going to burst or has burst at the time of this writing. Its a gold rush in the short term. Similar to Internet 1999 where a lot of shell companies are created only a few will hold value. Check out videos below this on this for Artist wanting to get into NFT. Firstly I feel that cost of creating NFT needs to be addressed … Continue reading NFT the Hype and potential for creator

Facebook rebrands itself ‘Meta’ — MacDailyNews

Facebook has rebranded itself “Meta,” the company said on Thursday, in a rebrand that focuses on its ambitions building the “metaverse”… Facebook rebrands itself ‘Meta’ — MacDailyNews I wrote before that not that hopeful about the metaverse but in terms of tech and future development platform may be interesting. I do think it could be a platform that creators can engage to build fans. I may be slowly changing my thoughts about VR and the Metaverse though I still think AR has a better change of going mainstream. Announcing @Meta — the Facebook company’s new name. Meta is helping to build … Continue reading Facebook rebrands itself ‘Meta’ — MacDailyNews

Garry Tan beat Google

Can a small company beat the big tech? This video looks at how a big company like Google with its infinite cash and Deep Moats can be beaten. I remembered there was Google Stadia which seems to be a shell now and almost non existent or delayed rollout? Garry uses the example of a large company like Amazon can make bets and still win in the innovation game. While this is for tech companies the lesson can be applied to other areas like games I wonder sometimes that can a small indie game beat the big AAA franchises? I think … Continue reading Garry Tan beat Google

Metaverse and Creators

Came across this post and it summarized the creators economy and its future with the Metaverse. Whatever that will be. View at Medium.com Got to be a positive thing when future tech gets on boarded with new creators. Once there is a tech that is easily used by many more creativity will abound. I think the metaverse is still infant and yet to be defined. It could be interfaces with AR VR crypto but not sure how these will collide but it will change current games and media. I believe there will be even more participation in the future. Continue reading Metaverse and Creators

Duck Duck Go – Leverage other Tech to build alt product

DuckDuckGo recently got 100 Million Dollars in Investment to aid product development. The privacy focused search engine uses bing to leverage the search results but add in the privacy aspects. This blog is searchable on Bing and DuckDuckGo https://techcrunch.com/2021/06/16/on-a-growth-tear-duckduckgo-reveals-it-picked-up-100m-in-secondary-investment-last-year/ https://cbcrenshaw.com/2021/06/01/it-finally-happened-bing-and-duckduckgo-surpasses-google/ Continue reading Duck Duck Go – Leverage other Tech to build alt product