NFT the Hype and potential for creator

NFT Hype By the time this os published NFT will have moved on in value or not. I really do think there is potential. NFT are a dangerous trap in the Short Term. The Bubble is going to burst or has burst at the time of this writing. Its a gold rush in the short term. Similar to Internet 1999 where a lot of shell companies are created only a few will hold value. Check out videos below this on this for Artist wanting to get into NFT. Firstly I feel that cost of creating NFT needs to be addressed … Continue reading NFT the Hype and potential for creator

Cocos BCX a Gaming Blockchain

I recently came across Cocos BCX its by the developers of Cocos2DX and Cocos Creator. Their aim is to make a decentralized ecosystem of procuders and consumers. I feel as a deveoper now I would love to have some blackchain tech integrated into a game engine to experiment with, and it lookes like Cocos BCX might do that. I recalled at a gaming talk one of the speakers was saying Blackchain can help gaming one ways was to build assest that is immutable. Like a sword used in a game if it passed on it can change properties based … Continue reading Cocos BCX a Gaming Blockchain