The Oatmeal Quit Social Media

I recently came across this article and comic by the OatMeal. A long running web comic artist, draws a comic on how to reach people on the internet today 2021. He laments over the change we see in the internet, everyone goes to a few large websites and rarely see other small ones. You have to pay a lot to get views on your post or boost as they call it. See his post on this what it used to be. I feel with the upcoming VR and Metaverses there will be an even more pervasive closed walled ecosystem and … Continue reading The Oatmeal Quit Social Media

Principles for success by Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio has talked quite a bit about the future world economy. He also has came up with a book and animated series Called Principles. I really liked this animated series based on his book Principles. One thing for sure life does not plan out the way we envision and having some principles as a guide really helps. Watch the 8 Episodes here or YouTube It is time for a new Adventure. Continue reading Principles for success by Ray Dalio

Covid Advice don’t listen to it

At the start of the lockdown many were giving advice online how to make the most of it. Start a side hustle learn a new skill but mostly that is not true. For parents many are struggling to juggle work and taking care of kids. Others are dealing with boredom or anxiety. Yes there is a slow economic meltdown happening. Jobs will be lost and layoffs are happening. That is why it may be better not to listen to too much advice on social media. I wrote something about preparing for the future but it may not be useful. The … Continue reading Covid Advice don’t listen to it

Preparing for the future

I never thought that working at home would become normal for many of us working in offices previously. Right now we are going into an extended lockdown till 1 June 2020. This is to stop the community spread in the dorms and community. Every time new measures are announced hoarding begins. via GIPHY There are signs that the economy already has taken a nose dive and recession is here. Even Bitcoin took a beating last month in prices. via GIPHY As the country prepares for a tighetr measure (Full Lockdown) during one of the press brefings there was a … Continue reading Preparing for the future