Creating for audience of one

This came from Adam Duff of Lucid Pixul I love this talks on youtube and speeches on art and life. This episode he wants to address those that had to give up their Art Dreams. I thought of being a professional animator/artist but life sometimes has other plans. At least for now it’s a hobby I enjoy a lot. But does that mean I am a failure by not working in the Art Industry? This is something I have been reflecting lately. I keep looking at the Pro artists and think to myself maybe it’s too late for me to … Continue reading Creating for audience of one

New Mischief Alternative

If you are looking for a Zoom Infinite canvas similar to Mischief (Which has been discontinued), there are several other options some free and paid for Desktop and Mobile if you like the Zoom Infintite canvas kind of working. Milton Paint This one seems a lot similar to Mischief as it has infinite zoom canvas. Not much changed since, as its developed by a single person. They accept donations as its free and open source. Leonardo This one does not have infinite Zoom but Infinite canvas I put it here cause the name and the tech sounds cool … Continue reading New Mischief Alternative

A great time to be alive

  Jan started with many bad news, Bush Fire in Australia, Volcano Eruptions, Planes getting shot down and Worst of All the Novel Coronavirus Covid 19. But yet it’s still a great time to be alive in 2020 for Entertainment. For the first time in the human history, we are able to create learn and sell things online. Without much difficulty. Some one can go on Came across this rant by Trent Kaniuga, He can’t help but wonder why so many complain about bad content on the Digital Channels. People seem to be hating new stuff being created like the … Continue reading A great time to be alive

Books for Creative Makers 2020

One thing I am trying to do is read more books this year even if it is just skimming through a few chapters. Whether you are a designer / Animator or Maker, I feel that books can be good gateways to new ideas and are faster to consume than new media, and they are more well researched rather than just googling a few articles or a few random YouTube videos. Start small and keep in touch with the habit make it easy and obvious for the “reward” and Slay that Social media Monster. Of course this can be over simplified … Continue reading Books for Creative Makers 2020