Sushi Ordering App a design project

After seeing a Sushi Ordering Web App at a restaurant. I decided to do a design prototype of my own. Continue reading Sushi Ordering App a design project

Putting National Museum on the world Map

General Assembly UXDI Retrospective Project 4 — National Museum Singapore This blog post first appeared on Medium National Museum of Singapore Team Members: Zoe & Joyce My Role: Interaction Design User Interviews Usability Test How do we put the National Musuem on the world map? The museum attracts a lot of visitors from locals and tourist abroad, but does it provide a good experience both offline and online? Our client brief: There has been a surge in Mobile Visits to the site. Tasked to remake the website more responsive for mobile / tablet user. Increase the site visit duration. The Current National Museum Site. The National … Continue reading Putting National Museum on the world Map

Toggle – Building a better experience

This post first appeared on medium. How to build a better TV Viewing Experience on Mobile? Our Choice for this project is Toggle a Mediacorp online video service. We focused to redesign the App to make a better viewing experience. Tools and Methods Used: Data Analytics Affinity Mapping User Interviews Affinity Mapping (To Synthesise Research) User flows Axure for Interaction Design Initial Hypothesis My initial assumptions of Toggle is that its an online archival of news and local tv shows. However as I interview users on how they used it, their reply was that Toggle was heavily marketed to them for … Continue reading Toggle – Building a better experience

The UX Process – MedPlus

Retrospective for General Assembly UX Project 1 — Med+ How we can use the UX Process to Discover and Design an App in 1 Week. For this project I choose to design something for the Medical Topic. Med+ is an app that helps users to remind them to take their medications on time. Summary of Tools and Methods Used User Interviews Affinity Mapping User flows and Wireframes Sketching Storyboarding User Testing 1. Starting Assumptions of project I decided to do this ux project on the topic of the Medical theme. When starting out I made the hypothesis that my target users might need … Continue reading The UX Process – MedPlus