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AI in Media Entertainment and Everywhere

AI in Media Entertainment and Everywhere. As an Animator its both exciting and worrying that old jobs will disappear. How to keep up and make sure you won’t be swamped when AI hits. Continue reading AI in Media Entertainment and Everywhere

Apple Rebooting the Mac Pro

Maybe Microsoft Scared them. Apple wants to reboot back its Pro Line. Looks like Apple realised that Innovation for Innovation sake is not a good thing. I wrote before that Apple Lost the Magic with the release of the new Macbook Pro Touch Pad. It seemed like design for design sake when they relased the MacBook Pro Touch and it seem an after though of what Pro Customers needs, those in Video, Graphics and Design. Who use these machines to get the job done. And when Apple launched the first redesign of the Mac Pro, it was a start of … Continue reading Apple Rebooting the Mac Pro

What’s the fastest way to get better at drawing?

Saw a question online about and artist trying to look for tips to get better at drawing and art. Set your expectation and goals first. It depends on what you mean better. Do you want to be better than High school art or you want to be better so that you can work as a professional illustrator? Deciding 1st what you want out of being better will help you set you on a path to draw better. And find the right help. You won’t go from 0 to pro in a period but setting on the right path is more … Continue reading What’s the fastest way to get better at drawing?

Design Education – Bricklayer or Art Director

As a Designer myself, reading Motionographer  this interview it struck a chord with me. Its a comparison of a Technical Specialist vs a Director Type role. The Value of Production is Going down. Motionographer reports Chris Do bringing up a controversial topic in design education, he had an interesting interview with two Art Center Teachers about design education. In that interview he poses the question if a student hires someone to do the work he is suited for an Art Director role. With the cost of production of video or design making going down due to globalisation. How does a designer solve for business strategy? … Continue reading Design Education – Bricklayer or Art Director

Internet monoculture

I have been reading a bit to follow up on my previous blog post on Why still own a blog. The Internet has brought out change, a chance for a voice to be heard and influence a culture, but that openess seems to be going away, the variety and interesting connections of ides seem to be less with the rise of mono platforms. I always pondered on variety and permanance. Matt Mullenweg has called for saving the open web seeing the rise of platforms like Medium and Facebook where there is a concentration of ideas there but the writers don’t … Continue reading Internet monoculture