Now Now Now

What I am Doing Now

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers on creating a Now Page. The reason was simple to showcase what you are working on NOW / The Now Page Movement.

This page is a reminder to myself on what I am doing now and edit the amount of projects I want to tackle.

What I am working on NOW

This is my main focus:


Current Learnings / Experiments

  • Storyworlds & Polymorphic Content
  • Unity3D
  • WordPress / Fan Site / Print
  • Screenwriting


  • CG animation in Maya (Short)
  • Indie AAA Game Development
  • Learning Unreal Engine
  • Web Comics
  • VR/XR
  • Starting a Production company (Compnay of 1 Plus Plus)
  • c++ / c#
  • Blockchain NFT



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