Blue Ocean Shift

A great summary and talk about blue oceans theory. There is an new book called Blue Ocean Shift that came out last year it’s an update to the first one Blue Ocean Strategy.

How to apply this? Competition is unsustainable.

Lots of fear can I get into the industry?

Old lessons but still good.


Horizon Zero Dawn – Making of Documentaries

Have not played this game but these documentaries and Tech CG Workshops makes me want to work in games. The No Clip version gives a good background on how the Studio Guerrilla Games was formed and how they got to make their game.

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Twitch Streaming

Lately I have been starting to stream live on Twitch. I Created the channel quite some time back to follow some gaming guys and Bob Ross videos. Its quite a fun platform and seeing out creative artists there doing their thing, even though it started out as a gaming platform. Some have taken to use it to show their Art / Work. Even Jim Lee from DC Comics streams games he plays and draws live.

I am planning on using the Service to archive my art journey.  I did a short intro video about who I am and some plans for it could be live tutorials and talking about other things besides creative or art like biz or other stuff.

This also puts me in an uncomfortable spot to hopefully gain confidence to Show my Work as Austin Kleon puts it.

Here is the Archive Stream from YouTube and some highlights.

Here’s the plan a short film on pursuing your dreams

Just watched a nice little short film Here’s the Plan about married couple’s (Dog and Cate) life working towards building their life and pursuing your dreams. The film was directed by Fernada Frick.

This film was a good reminder as we go about trying to fund our dreams we can tend to forget what got us started. Don’t forget your WHY.

the medium blog has some good behind the scenes of making the short film.

✨✨ “A married cat-dog couple of cupcake bakers dream of opening their own bakery. One day their oven breaks and they have to postpone their dream in order to earn money and replace it. Somewhere down the line, they drift apart from their dream and from themselves.” — “Here’s the plan” (“Este es el Plan”) is a 18-minute CG animated short film from Chile. Directed by Fernanda Frick and financed by the National Council of Culture and Arts, it took almost 2 years of work and a talented team of 32 professionals to finish it. It had it’s World Premiere at Nashville International Film Festival and it’s national premiere at Festival Chilemonos 2017.


Film Website:

Studio Website:



Twitter: @Fernandafrick

View story at

View collection at

A New Journey to CG

Just last November 2017 I have Started a new course at 3dsense Media School, doing the Animation and Visual Effect program. I will be there for the next 12 months till end Nov next year.

It’s been a while since I have done some CG Work, have been doing UX/UI stuff for various contract positinos.

Previously I worked 5 years doing Arch Vis and am hoping to go back to doing CG works full time using the 11 months to prepare a demo reel for it.

It’s been about 3 weeks in and we have already done quite a bit of modelling and animations. Already we are doing our final projects for Maya.

Some goals or aspirations:

  • Improve the craft of my CG art (previously just been doing Architectural Visualizations and Product Renders)
  • Learn CG production workflows
  • Make some cool stuff and share it
  • Build my own Stuff to sell? (not sure about this one yet)