Principles for success by Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio has talked quite a bit about the future world economy. He also has came up with a book and animated series Called Principles. I really liked this animated series based on his book Principles. One thing for sure life does not plan out the way we envision and having some principles as a guide really helps. Watch the 8 Episodes here or YouTube It is time for a new Adventure. Continue reading Principles for success by Ray Dalio

Should you use Blender 2.8 in 2019

New Podcast Episode up on Anchor. I talk about whether I should use Blender 2.8 in 2019. Blender came a long way and it is poised to take on 3D CG animation and 2D Animation. Show Notes: Studio Khara Switch to Blender Blender Beaten Maya Blender Development Fund, Epic and Ubisoft Donates Blender 2.8 Gmax Hero Grease Pencil TL;DR Blender is good for students, indies, Hobbyist, First timers to CG and small teams Yes learn if you are new to 3D Learn Maya to get a job this is usually through a school. Use blender to make your next short … Continue reading Should you use Blender 2.8 in 2019