Apple Social Media

I find it strange for a big brand like Apple they have no social media presence or maybe not. They execute it differently. Check out this video on how Apple uses Social media. its brand is highly divisive and attracts a lot of attention both positive and negative. I feel that when you are this well know you don’t really need social media prescense. The only place they do post is YouTube which is due to it being free hosting for video. But no comments. But apple does run ads on Social media and use it for other support. One … Continue reading Apple Social Media

Apple Rebooting the Mac Pro

Maybe Microsoft Scared them. Apple wants to reboot back its Pro Line. Looks like Apple realised that Innovation for Innovation sake is not a good thing. I wrote before that Apple Lost the Magic with the release of the new Macbook Pro Touch Pad. It seemed like design for design sake when they relased the MacBook Pro Touch and it seem an after though of what Pro Customers needs, those in Video, Graphics and Design. Who use these machines to get the job done. And when Apple launched the first redesign of the Mac Pro, it was a start of … Continue reading Apple Rebooting the Mac Pro

Apple Lost the Magic?

Steve Jobs did say once the product people gets replaced by the marketing people the company forget what it means to make great products. steve jobs talking about what happens when the marketing/sales people take over from a 'product' founder is… eerie — Owen ⚡️ (@ow) October 29, 2016 I have been posting and retweeting other users impressions of the new MacBook Pro Touchpad that was launched a couple of weeks ago by apple. It is really is a nice laptop with some bad design choices for professionals or consumers. (Note I have yet to see it up close and … Continue reading Apple Lost the Magic?