Creating for audience of one

This came from Adam Duff of Lucid Pixul I love this talks on youtube and speeches on art and life. This episode he wants to address those that had to give up their Art Dreams. I thought of being a professional animator/artist but life sometimes has other plans. At least for now it’s a hobby I enjoy a lot. But does that mean I am a failure by not working in the Art Industry? This is something I have been reflecting lately. I keep looking at the Pro artists and think to myself maybe it’s too late for me to … Continue reading Creating for audience of one

Matt Rhodes Interviews

Another great Artist who worked at Bioware. Now Art director according to his artstation page. I loved the Dune Designs he did. Some good advice from his various interviews here: Links: Continue reading Matt Rhodes Interviews

Why you want to make art?

Recently I happen to chance upon a video by Brandon Dayton on why he quit his dream Job at Disney interactive to make comics and art full time. I would encourage anyone wanting to do your own creative work to take a look at these videos before jumping  in. He has recently released a comic Green Monk after quitting Disney. Some Notes: His early goal was to be an animator for Disney but ended up at Disney Interactive His time at Disney Interactive Studio pushed him to be a be a better artist. But he felt that something was missing … Continue reading Why you want to make art?

Craig Mullins interview about the history of digital painting

Need not futher indroduction from the Grand Dad of digital painting, interview conducted by Bobby Chiu. Some of the Show Notes: Digital Art seems to be homogeneous due to everyone using the same software. Advice is to expand your art knowledge techniques. A need to go back to traditional art. Freedom of Speech and Art Digital makes it too easy that it does not have any weight to what you say as there is not cost anymore… Digital Art not the same as Traditional Art due to it being easily copied. Syd Mead – he had a chance to work … Continue reading Craig Mullins interview about the history of digital painting

You Draw Well but

You draw well but you don’t have any ideas…   Heard this quote on a creative interview podcast. Sometimes we get focused on technique that we forget that the most important thing to communicate is the ideas in our drawings, paintings, art books or whatever media or medium we use. A timely reminder that the art must serve the ideas don’t get too hung up on technique. Use what best suits to the way you want to communicate. Even The Oatmeal has bad drawings but it communicates lots of funny. Continue reading You Draw Well but

Seth Godin on Vulnerablity and the ABC’s of Creativity

A great interview on creating art and fighting the resistance in our brain to make art. He goes back to Steven Pressfield book on The War on Art. A Transcribe highlights of the interview can be found here Some interesting highlights from the interview are covered from Seth’s writings and blog posts and books: Scarcity drives values old model of doing things. New model is about abundance. We have wider reach thanks to the internet. Making things is it still valuable eg, making a book? If I am making something there must be something experiential. His book captures the … Continue reading Seth Godin on Vulnerablity and the ABC’s of Creativity

Technology does not create Art

I can’t remember where I heard it but it goes something like this. Someone asked the “Artist” (Meaning someone that creates) what is the secret sauce to your project. And he says the secret sauce is you not the software or hardware. They are just tools. The Artist you that creates is the secret sauce. Tech does not create Art, emotions, or connect with people. It can help be the bridge for those kinds of things. People Make Art, make the connections and bring their humanity when we connect with another person through whatever we do using tech. Tech with … Continue reading Technology does not create Art