Should you use Blender 2.8 in 2019

New Podcast Episode up on Anchor. I talk about whether I should use Blender 2.8 in 2019. Blender came a long way and it is poised to take on 3D CG animation and 2D Animation. Show Notes: Studio Khara Switch to Blender Blender Beaten Maya Blender Development Fund, Epic and Ubisoft Donates Blender 2.8 Gmax Hero Grease Pencil TL;DR Blender is good for students, indies, Hobbyist, First timers to CG and small teams Yes learn if you are new to 3D Learn Maya to get a job this is usually through a school. Use blender to make your next short … Continue reading Should you use Blender 2.8 in 2019

Next steps in my CG Journey

Having completed my CG Course at 3dsense. I am wondering about the next step in my CG Journey. Currently looking to work in games or doing media as a CG Designer or Animator. I written about a few possibilities of some themes I want to tackle this year in my last blog post on doing moving visuals. However I feel that its good to break down those goals. This helps me to get some clarity and the necessary steps to take and setting an end target line. Ideas and Focus I have been doing some graphic design work pro-bono. It … Continue reading Next steps in my CG Journey

Join me on my Artstation Blog

Recently I have started to blog on my Artstation Page since it came with the Pro Service which I signed up earlier this year. It shows up on the community Artstation site and your own Artstation Pro site. I find that it’s pretty good and simple enough to post works and share it to social platforms. It’s also easier to use as an alternative to WordPress, if you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a wordpress website. Some Pro features: It comes with posting images, marmoset models, YouTube and Vimeo videos. You can also link your own domain like you … Continue reading Join me on my Artstation Blog

Final Fantasy the Spirits Within ahead of its time.

  Its an old movie that had story problems but it was a landmark in making CG digital Humans. I Remembered seeing this as a young student around 2001. Though it was disappointing it did not featured cloud, but it was ahead of its time featuring Fully digital actors and environments. It did prove that you can make a movie fully digitally. Since then CG humans are so lifelike as explained by Freddie Wong. It got me thinking that its not about the tech and how engaging are the characters and story. I think Final Fantasy Spirits Within is somewhat … Continue reading Final Fantasy the Spirits Within ahead of its time.