Creators quit social media

Social Media not good For Creators and they should Quit it. Continue reading Creators quit social media

Creativity Needs Focus

How does one get the ideas, the spark the inspiration? I believe good ideas come from some Quite time alone to pause think and reflect. But it gets increasingly difficult in our distracted culture. I find that personally it is better to carve some protected time to work on those ideas even if it is just for about an hour. from Blog – via | IFTTT Continue reading Creativity Needs Focus

Ideas need incubation

Sometime we want to get a piece of art out to the world so as to see how many likes or responses we get, but maybe if we just held back that idea before sharing, we could develop it more. Because if we share the idea too early before executing it, our chances for success diminishes since the idea is out there already. We are less likely to complete it.  Perhaps for the next project keep iterating it in the notebook before sharing with the world. Continue reading Ideas need incubation

Seth Godin on Vulnerablity and the ABC’s of Creativity

A great interview on creating art and fighting the resistance in our brain to make art. He goes back to Steven Pressfield book on The War on Art. A Transcribe highlights of the interview can be found here Some interesting highlights from the interview are covered from Seth’s writings and blog posts and books: Scarcity drives values old model of doing things. New model is about abundance. We have wider reach thanks to the internet. Making things is it still valuable eg, making a book? If I am making something there must be something experiential. His book captures the … Continue reading Seth Godin on Vulnerablity and the ABC’s of Creativity