Don’t Give up on your Dreams in Animation – the Skills vs Passion and Re-Think Hope

Came across and old article about Dreams and Passion for this animation industry blog. It seems the writer was questioning the state of the industry and the schools churning out students for the industry and not finding jobs. Similar over … Continue reading Don’t Give up on your Dreams in Animation – the Skills vs Passion and Re-Think Hope

Metaverse and Creators

Came across this post and it summarized the creators economy and its future with the Metaverse. Whatever that will be. View at Got to be a positive thing when future tech gets on boarded with new creators. Once there is a tech that is easily used by many more creativity will abound. I think the metaverse is still infant and yet to be defined. It could be interfaces with AR VR crypto but not sure how these will collide but it will change current games and media. I believe there will be even more participation in the future. Continue reading Metaverse and Creators

Creator Economy and Leverage

The creator Economy I Came across this short video by Eric Siu on the Creator Economy. Which led me into looking at the creator economy and later startups essays by Naval. One thing that stood out to me was the 4 ideas on Leverage shared by Naval, that contribute to the new creator economy. CODE CAPITAL LABOUR MEDIA Code is the software or hardware engineering Capital is money resources Labour is what you can get skills from others to build the code Media is the branding or communications of your offering Everyone in this new age can make something or … Continue reading Creator Economy and Leverage

Books for Creative Makers 2020

One thing I am trying to do is read more books this year even if it is just skimming through a few chapters. Whether you are a designer / Animator or Maker, I feel that books can be good gateways to new ideas and are faster to consume than new media, and they are more well researched rather than just googling a few articles or a few random YouTube videos. Start small and keep in touch with the habit make it easy and obvious for the “reward” and Slay that Social media Monster. Of course this can be over simplified … Continue reading Books for Creative Makers 2020

Games Creator meetup

Recently I went to a Games Design meetup. It was organised by another school Mages similar to 3dsense. Here are some things I learnt. Starting a Games company is hard. You need to have a team that can gel together Some projects are technically drive but lack the art Some projects were very artistic and technical but lacked a business plan. Work with prototypes first don’t jump straight in. I applaud these guys that showcased their failed game projects and company, for starting something and trying. Games Designs needs meaning. Many roles in the games industry. IT Support, Admin, Creative … Continue reading Games Creator meetup