Horizon Zero dawn behind the scenes

This may have been from PlayStation Marketing series of the game.

Imagi Animation Cancelled projects Zelda, T28, Gatchaman and Cat’s Tale

Recently I have been looking at cenceled projects to see if I can learn anything from the ideas and how it got generated. Imagi Animation a HK Based studio had quite a few cool projects that were under development that got shutdown.

When I think about cancelled projects it makes me want to be like George Lucas who could not get the license for Flash Gordon so he created Star Wars.


In the end everything is a remix.

Gatcha man cancelled trailer looks like big hero 6 style.


T28 Teaser and animation tests and trailer


Cancelled project Cat’s Tale. This one seems to be an original show by Imagi though not much is developed it looks like it could have potential to appeal to the children’s market.

Robota – Doug Chiang

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A man with no memory wakes on a world dominated by robot warriors and realizes his memories hold the key to save the dwindling remnants of the human and sentient beast population.

I bought this book when I was about 16 years old. At a time when The Matrix and insect robot designs were so in trend.

I do not remember why I bought it, but it could have been it had a nice cover art, of robots walking in a sand storm. There was something about it that drew me in seeing it sit on the bookshelf at Basheer Graphic.

The author was Orson Scott Card and the Artist was Doug Chiang. I did not know about who Doug Chiang till I realized he designed Star Wars characters and vehicles.

Looking through my book again it seems a shame that it’s not going to be made. There were trailers and some concept art online and they had plans to make a video game out of it.

Recently at THU 2016 he talked about his journey as an Artist and how he did Robota as a passion project. He tried to get it funded through kickstarter but it did not get off the ground despite many news press releases.

Check out THU VOD for more interviews with Doug Chiang on his journey in making this project book.

I do not know if a new generation of young viewers want Robota. Not sure if it can compete with the designs of Overwatch.

Interview with Doug Chiang



Promise Land Art Festival – Peter Han Dynamic process

This is really neat, this art event The Promised Land Art Festival has a few lectures free online.

I enjoyed the lecture by Peter Han on his sketching process that can be applied to Product Design or illustration for problem solving.

I like how he broke down what Drawing is which is intent awareness, simplicity and expressing it.

“See with intent and awareness. Visualize through simplicity. Express without effort.”

– echo from Norman Schureman

Check out the Facebook page for more photos.


Interview with Kunio Okawara from the Sankei Newspaper

Mecha Masters: Kunio Okawara

Love this short bio about Kunio Okawara by Youtuber GundamUK. This is the guy who gave made mechanical designer for anime as a profession. I like how he was able to make the mechs seem plausible and believable. His iconic design is the Gundam RX-78 and Zaku.

Check out some of his designs on Imgur and Pinterest.

I did not know that he came to Singapore to give a talk about his career.

Some thoughts by Kunio Okawara

“The way I think of my work is to realize what the director wants as close as I possibly can to his imagination. So I don’t think I am an artist but maybe more of artisan. The creation of animation is not something that only one person can do either, as it is definitely a team-based endeavor. So one person’s insistence should not delay the whole process, because a project’s schedule is very tightly planned to coincide with things like the broadcasting date and all that. My priority then is how I receive the project; understand it and then how quickly I can get to the output stage. I don’t spend too much time thinking whether the design is good or bad, it is just that I receive the commission and then my output from that.

“I never thought that Gundam would be so popular nearly 40 years on. In this industry there are always new things coming along, so I never thought it would be like this. In terms of the mobile suits variations, or MSV, there are just so many now. To the extent that there parts that don’t really make sense. What I wanted to do in regards to that I managed to do in terms of gunpla.”




Kunio Okawara Exhibition “Legend of Mechanical Design”