Inspiration: Game Dev Process

The Game Dev Process is daunting. While I wrote before about the game dev delusion, here is something more inspiring on your game dev journey. Here are some Creator videos on making games. Truth be told it is not easy. This post is a collection of various solo game devs videos some showing the whole process and some giving tips, mostly making their games and their process 10 Steps to making a Game Based on the book by creator of Darq who had no experience in making a game. Get a copy here on Amazon. Summary here Game Dev Tips … Continue reading Inspiration: Game Dev Process

Games Creator meetup

Recently I went to a Games Design meetup. It was organised by another school Mages similar to 3dsense. Here are some things I learnt. Starting a Games company is hard. You need to have a team that can gel together Some projects are technically drive but lack the art Some projects were very artistic and technical but lacked a business plan. Work with prototypes first don’t jump straight in. I applaud these guys that showcased their failed game projects and company, for starting something and trying. Games Designs needs meaning. Many roles in the games industry. IT Support, Admin, Creative … Continue reading Games Creator meetup