The Oatmeal Quit Social Media

I recently came across this article and comic by the OatMeal. A long running web comic artist, draws a comic on how to reach people on the internet today 2021. He laments over the change we see in the internet, everyone goes to a few large websites and rarely see other small ones. You have to pay a lot to get views on your post or boost as they call it. See his post on this what it used to be. I feel with the upcoming VR and Metaverses there will be an even more pervasive closed walled ecosystem and … Continue reading The Oatmeal Quit Social Media

Apple Social Media

I find it strange for a big brand like Apple they have no social media presence or maybe not. They execute it differently. Check out this video on how Apple uses Social media. its brand is highly divisive and attracts a lot of attention both positive and negative. I feel that when you are this well know you don’t really need social media prescense. The only place they do post is YouTube which is due to it being free hosting for video. But no comments. But apple does run ads on Social media and use it for other support. One … Continue reading Apple Social Media

Organic Reach Down – Alex Becker Quit Youtube to have fun

ย It not the usual quitting videos. I have not watch Alex Becker in a while but this video he talks about the how YouTube is algorithms only lifts videos that show entertain low quality content. But there is more to it. I wrote something before about doing social media instead of a website and during the pandemic lockdown I was trying things out except it took a lot of work and effort with little results or benefits. I do like YouTube and TikTok but that is a full time job in itself. I feel that most of the social platforms … Continue reading Organic Reach Down – Alex Becker Quit Youtube to have fun