Red Camera gets into Smartphones

Red just announced a new Smartphone type camera named the Hydrogen. It is a holographic media machine that is going to assault the senses. Just like how RED hyped that film is obselete with the original RED One. They are now touting that Glasses are Obsolete for the new VR/AR/Mixed Reality world.

Price wise it is a bit expensive. But then again we do not know what this smartphone will be.

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Apple Lost the Magic?

Steve Jobs did say once the product people gets replaced by the marketing people the company forget what it means to make great products.

I have been posting and retweeting other users impressions of the new MacBook Pro Touchpad that was launched a couple of weeks ago by apple. It is really is a nice laptop with some bad design choices for professionals or consumers. (Note I have yet to see it up close and of course the video does not do it justice)

Some of the choices they made seem like arrogant design and not care for the user. Just because you can make it happen does not mean that its good to be used functional wise.

The video by Coldfusion TV gives a good balanced view on Apple today.


In comes Microsoft

Surface Pro and Surface Studio while I have been using macs all this while microsoft has been quietly making improvements

I myself have been watching the Surface Pro as a tablet replacement, since I need to do work on the Go sometimes I do like to work with full windows Apps.

But Still Apple still has many pre-orders for its new MacBook Pro touch pad. But this year it seems that Microsoft may have rekindled a magic from a long time ago when everyone looked forward to an Apple event and see magic happen.

Microsoft is now considered more innovative than apple.

Technology does not create Art

I can’t remember where I heard it but it goes something like this. Someone asked the “Artist” (Meaning someone that creates) what is the secret sauce to your project. And he says the secret sauce is you not the software or hardware. They are just tools. The Artist you that creates is the secret sauce.

Tech does not create Art, emotions, or connect with people. It can help be the bridge for those kinds of things.

People Make Art, make the connections and bring their humanity when we connect with another person through whatever we do using tech.

Tech with the help of a person helps make it meaningful.

I used to like technology and drool over the latest tech news that I can consume, but slowly I over the years I realise that the software just like other technologies of old can’t create the art that is in your head.

Photoshop or the latest graphics software cannot help make the next great art piece or book. It still requires a human that has lived through the ups and downs of life to generate art that can inspire and connect with another human being.

While there is doom and gloom surrounding the impending explosion of Tech taking away jobs from people and reducing the workforce a machine can never replace the human connection and touch that art produces. At least for the next 25 years.