Why Blender won’t be industry standard

Looks like flippednormals finally talked about blender not being an industry standard. This was discussed in one of their forums threads here and I wrote a blog post sometime ago before on a few points on this. Lack of good training Need to retrain loss in productivity Costly to upgrade pipeline I have personally worked professionally as a Designer and the tools I use and still use today for 3D and Graphics are still Maya and 3dsmax over the past few years not to mention the Adobe CC Suite. There is a reason why these tools cost a lot and … Continue reading Why Blender won’t be industry standard

Movies are hyper-reality

Why we go to the movies to largely escape our own reality for a while and engaged with hyper reality. I came across an old blog post by Prolost about Using After Effects fro Visual Effects. In the post, he quote the author of Adobe After Effects CS4 Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques saying the reason if you are a Visual Effects artist is to not make it real. “Make it look real.” That would seem to be the mandate of the visual effects artist. Spielberg called and he wants the world to believe, if only for 90 minutes, … Continue reading Movies are hyper-reality

Mistika Insight Hero Suite – Free Learning edition

UPDATE: TL;DR at the End of the post Recently there have been a few of the Post-Production Software Providers starting to give free or lite versions of their apps. We have Lightworks, Davinci Resolve & Fusion and more recently Avid Media Composer First. Now add to that pile we have Mistika Insight. I just happened to chance upon reading it on Redshark news website. This is good for students and freelancers like myself who were on other platforms to dip into other color grading and editing systems, to see what is out there and see if this can fit your … Continue reading Mistika Insight Hero Suite – Free Learning edition