Creator Economy and Leverage

The creator Economy I Came across this short video by Eric Siu on the Creator Economy. Which led me into looking at the creator economy and later startups essays by Naval. One thing that stood out to me was the 4 ideas on Leverage shared by Naval, that contribute to the new creator economy. CODE CAPITAL LABOUR MEDIA Code is the software or hardware engineering Capital is money resources Labour is what you can get skills from others to build the code Media is the branding or communications of your offering Everyone in this new age can make something or … Continue reading Creator Economy and Leverage

Lets Rumble

Recently I have discovered a new video platform that can be embeded here on This is coming up as an alternative to YouTube creators. I may want to experiment with this if I ever get an animation out. I am trying to understand their distribution If you are a full time content creator this is one platform to check out. Continue reading Lets Rumble

Organic Reach Down – Alex Becker Quit Youtube to have fun

 It not the usual quitting videos. I have not watch Alex Becker in a while but this video he talks about the how YouTube is algorithms only lifts videos that show entertain low quality content. But there is more to it. I wrote something before about doing social media instead of a website and during the pandemic lockdown I was trying things out except it took a lot of work and effort with little results or benefits. I do like YouTube and TikTok but that is a full time job in itself. I feel that most of the social platforms … Continue reading Organic Reach Down – Alex Becker Quit Youtube to have fun